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Our Curriculum

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What is SwimAmerica?

In 2015, after a rigorous application process, DMSS made a substantial financial investment in a program known as SwimAmerica. DMSS is the sole licensed SwimAmerica holder for the whole of Botswana. SwimAmerica is the most well reputed learn to swim program in the world. It provides the program director with a general curriculum stating what elements to teach and when to teach them.


Why SwimAmerica?

Many swim schools in Botswana benchmark their performance against DMSS, but we have always striven to benchmark ourselves against standards abroad, in order to offer a world class swim program. So it made sense to combine the experience of Botswana's most successful coach, Darrell Morton with the decades of experience and observations of Coaches from the world's leading swimming nation, the USA.


How does it work?

All DMSS learn to swim and stroke corrective swimmers are grouped into what are called stations. Each station has a specific goal and objective in mind, and when a swimmer achieves the elements of one station, he or she progresses to the next. This way, learning to swim efficiently does not seem to be like being on a treadmill. Not going anywhere. 


What comes next?

Once a swimmer has mastered the elements of each of the four recognised strokes, they are promoted into our high performance program. This program begins with Bronze Squad - an entry competitive level where swimmers are tought race strategies and techniques, competitive starts and turns and introduced to physiological training. The next level is Silver Squad - our junior elite. Here racing is further developed with a particular focus on understanding the dynamics of threshold training. Finally, swimmers are promoted to Gold Squad - our senior elite. Here swimmers are exposed to swim training at the very highest level, with the majority of our group being at a national level. 

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