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Children are first assessed to determine a group or Station. Strokes are then constructed systematically, with specific goals at each Station. Regular assessments are conducted and once elements of a station are mastered, swimmers are promoted to the next station. In this way, progress at DMSS is never static...

Fees start from P1,100 per month for 2 classes a week, with a minimum term of 14 weeks.


Our High Performance coaching focusses on quality training. Divided into 3 squads; entry level, junior and senior elite, our main goal is to train each swimmer efficiently with personalised interaction. Emphasis given to mental preparedness, race strategy and 'perfection' in stroke technique... 

Fees start at P1,270 per month for 3 classes per week, with a minimum term of 14 weeks.


Our Adult program is designed for adults who would like to learn an array of skills - from overcoming fear of water, to learning and refining strokes or even Masters events and triathlons. Classes are tailor made to suit individual needs and held at convenient times including mornings, evenings and weekends. 

...Fees start at P1,925 for 2 classes a week for a course of 7 weeks. 


This is a foundation programme designed for children at a Nursery School level. Children learn through fun to gain confidence in the water. Lessons are conducted in the morning while children are at school and we provide transport. Safety remains a high priority!

... Fees are determined at each partnering school.

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