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6 reasons to swim in winter!

The following are some important reasons why swim classes should continue during winter!

1. Our pool is maintained at constant temperatures throughout the year, so even when it is cooler outside, it can still be comfortable and the room is very warm too so children can enjoy a summer swimming experience even in winter.

2. Swimmers who discontinue lessons during winter come back to the summer term having regressed and take longer to re-learn the forgotten skills.

3. It has been proven scientifically that children under the age of 5 years have not yet developed long-term skill retention and muscle memory, and so a break in swim lessons results in a loss of skills.

4. The risks posed by drowning don’t go away in winter so neither should the lessons.

5. It is important for children to be involved in physical activities that establish a routine of fitness – swimming offers one of the best activities for good health with minimal risks of sport related injury.

6. Winter swimming allows for continued enhancement and stimulation of an infant’s general development including academic performance, language, maths, gross motor skills, confidence and co-ordination.

With a little extra attention such as keeping the children warm and drying them off well when they leave the pool, swimming will stay comfortable and beneficial all year round.

Yours in swimming,

Darrell Morton

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