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Essential Nutrition for Competitive Swimmers

Question: How can competitive swimmers optimize their diet for training sessions in late afternoon to early evening and for early morning workouts? What should they eat before and after races?


Answer: Effective nutrition is vital for swimmers to maintain energy, enhance performance, and speed up recovery. Here's our guide:


1. Breakfast:

For morning training, aim for a mix of carbs and protein. A quick option is oatmeal with nuts and a protein smoothie. This combination provides immediate and sustained energy.


2. Lunch:

Post-morning or pre-afternoon training, focus on lean protein, complex carbs, and vegetables. A chicken or fish salad with quinoa or a sandwich with lean meat and veggies are ideal for replenishing energy without feeling heavy.


3. Dinner:

After late-day training, your meal should include protein for muscle repair, carbs to restore glycogen and vegetables for nutrients. Opt for dishes like grilled fish with brown rice and steamed vegetables.


4. Snacks:

Pre-workout, have a light snack like a banana with peanut butter. Post-workout, within 30 minutes, go for protein-rich options like a protein shake or yogurt to aid muscle recovery.


5. Race Meals:

Pre-race, choose easily digestible, carb-rich foods like pasta with light sauce or rice with vegetables. Post-race, focus on balanced meals similar to dinner for recovery. Avoid sugar-type foods immediately before a swim gala or race as it will not supply the body with a quick source of energy. In fact, it may reduce performance. 


6. Supplements:

FitGen supplements can fill nutritional gaps, especially in Omega-3s and vitamins. Available at our pro shop, they complement a well-rounded diet. 



Balancing carbs, proteins, and healthy fats, along with strategic supplementation, can significantly improve a swimmer's performance and recovery. Tailor these guidelines to individual preferences and needs for the best results.


Yours in swimming,




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