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Coping with disappointment

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

We cannot avoid disappointment. So how do we do cope with it?

Let me give you a swimming example…

Lets say, Sally, was aiming to swim a 100m freestyle in under 1:00, she had a previous best time of 1:01. Her coach gives her a race strategy to reach her goal time.

But during the race, things didn’t go to plan. She finishes with a 1:02. Disappointed and in tears.

Now a good coach, turns the emotional disappointment into an analytical response and asks technical questions to help her analyze her stroke...

where did your hand exit the water in each stroke? where should it exit? etc. Soon, she is no longer emotional, and has clear idea of what to try next time.

We can apply this to almost every area of life - at school, at work, or when we face disappointment, try as quickly as possibly to change your mindset from an emotional one, to an analytical one.

Yours in swimming

Darrell Morton

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