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"Perfecting the Butterfly: Tips and Tricks for Mastering the Most Challenging Stroke"

In our recent DMSS Masterclass Webinar - Session 3, we were joined by Coach Herman, a high-performance squad coach at DMSS. He provided valuable insights on mastering the butterfly stroke, often regarded as the most physically demanding in swimming.

Coach Herman highlighted that common mistakes made during the butterfly often include mistimed kicks, poor breathing technique, and body positioning errors. However, he also shed light on strategies to overcome these issues, emphasizing the importance of two distinct kicks in the butterfly: the "entry kick" and the "exit kick".

The entry kick is often noticeable as the hands enter the water and the hips come out. On the other hand, the exit kick, which happens as the hands leave the water, is often overlooked. Coach Herman stressed the importance of bending the knees at the right moment for the exit kick. Without this, swimmers may struggle to get their body out over the water, negatively affecting the stroke's efficiency.

So remember, when it comes to the butterfly stroke, timing is everything! Both the entry and exit kicks play crucial roles in executing the perfect butterfly stroke.

Keep practicing and stay tuned for our next DMSS Masterclass Webinar session for more swimming tips and insights.

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